Sunday, September 6, 2009

aList -- The Lists You're Using vs The Archive

In aList is it possible, even desirable to keep lists and list items around even when your not actively using them.  This allows you to hide lists you're not using and to quickly retrieve entries or whole lists of things you used in the past.  For example, you can archive your weekend TODO list from the active list display until the weekend rolls around.  Then you can shove everything else off to the archive and pull up the weekend TODO list to see what you have planned to accomplish in the garden or workshop.

Any aList list will always have an entry visible in the Archive.  The archive entry might not have any list items displayed below it if all of the items are being used (or the list is empty), but if the list exists then there is an entry for it in the Archive display.  This is illustrated by the two images above.  The "Weekend" list appears empty in the archive (the image on the right shows the list open with no items showing).  And it's only in the Archive and not in the active lists (shown above to the left).  Any items that were active at the time you archived the list won't be visible from the Archive.  To see them select the context menu (long press) and select "Use List" and the list and the active items magically appear.  The image above show the long press activating the context menu, and the image at right here shows selecting the "Use List" menu item.

There it is.  Your weekend list is now active and your list item which has not yet been checked off reminding you to weed the back beds is there unchecked and ready for you to take care of this weekend.  This might seem a little confusing when you're reading about it, but I think (I hope) most folks will quickly get the hang of it and find that it's very easy and convenient to shuttle lists and list items in and out of the archive.

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